The 5th Cannonball Story album, Holy Roman, is out now on Bandcamp! It’s a story-driven concept album that’s a parody of/tribute to the concept albums of the 70s and 80s. More info about the story on the Bandcamp page.



Tracklist for “Nausea In The Valley Of The Wine”

Honestly, the hardest part about making Purple Rose was having to keep all the song titles so short. As anyone who saw the Halloween EP might’ve noticed, the song titles are getting a little more… verbose. We’re not quite in Sufjan Stevens Illinois territory yet in terms of song title length, but maybe one day…

Nausea In The Valley Of The Wine

  1. “My Blue Crayon Is Getting Dull”
  2. “TV Probably Won’t Rot Your Brain”
  3. “Hey Whiskey, Didja Miss Me? (Cover)”
  4. “White Macaroni Elephant”
  5. “Straight Outta Sonoma”
  6. “The King Of Ice Cream”
  7. “Oh, Don’t Even Pretend You Don’t Know What I Mean, If You Know What I Mean”
  8. “Nausea In The Valley Of The Wine”
  9. “That Guy At The Illuminati Who Believes In Partying”
  10. “Expired Things In The Fridge”
  11. “I Saw The Film A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”
  12. “The Indian Disco Part Of YouTube”
  13. “Let’s Go Tubing On The Susquehanna (Except Don’t Actually Because There Are Super Dangerous Low-Head Dams)”
  14. “Burritos & Sherry”
  15. “Kiyoko Battles Her Less Inhibited Alter Ego In What May Or May Not Be A Dream Within A Dream”

Announcing Album #4: Nausea In The Valley Of The Wine

Nausea cover

Believe it or not, the weirdest stuff usually gets cut from a Cannonball Story album. Sometime during the creation of the last 3 albums, I decided the world wasn’t ready for songs like “Alien Space Dinosaur From The 11th Century,”  “The Ballad Of How Much Of A Jerk Cinncinatus Was,” or “This Green Rug Is Basically Hitler.” (The first two might make it on an eventual outtakes compilation album; the rug song will probably never see the light of day.)

Nausea In The Valley Of The Wine has about as many outtakes as any previous album, but it’s the first one where I started cutting “normal” songs to make room for songs about middle-aged cowboys and songs with elephant solos.

So, yeah, the 4th Cannonball Story album will be a bit of a “White Album” — something of everything. It’s not total nonsense — there are a bunch of running themes and callbacks to earlier songs, and most of the songs have a clear narrative. Actually, in a lot of ways, this album is an updated version of the early days of the Cannonball Story, back when I was covering “Falling Slowly” and “Hot in Herre” in the same night.

As for the release date… Here’s a hint: it will coincide with an album release from a more famous musician who also started in Garageband and who, like me, is on the verge of releasing an eclectic fourth album with borderline garish cover art.